You deserve the best tire traction device…

Providing peace of mind and safety for you and your family is a top priority right? Now you can get the best tire traction device on the market today just like the largest parcel delivery companies in the world. Now, with just a few clicks you can get The Portable Tow Truck – The Ultimate Tire Traction Device deliverd right to your house.



What is a tire traction device?

The Portable Tow Truck is a automotive accessory that you keep in your car at all times that helps you get unstuck in snow, ice, mud or sand. The set contains two tire traction devices that you put under each spinning tire which gives the car traction to pull out of a sticky spot. They are used by the largest fleet companies in the world today and now avaialble to you. Check out this VIDEO to see the product in action.

Can I use them over and over?

Yes, if you get a quality pair of tire traction devices like The Portable Tow Truck you can use them over and over if used properly. It’s imporant to read the instructions in order to use them correctly and extend the life of the product. Check out our LEARN page to understand how to use the product which is very simple.

Can anyone use the product?

Yes, the product is lighweight and easy to use. Each tire traction device weights about 2.5 lbs. and can be used by any driver of all ages. They also work on all types of vehicles from cars to large commercial vehicles and even 18 wheelers.

Benefits of The Portable Tow Truck..

  • Affordable – Discount pricing available on bulk quantities for fleet accounts and resellers. (Please CONTACT US for discount pricing.)
  • Reliable – Tested and proven snow chain or tire chain alternative used by the largest parcel delivery companies in the world.
  • Portable – Easily fits in the trunk of your vehicle or behind a seat.
  • Durable – Able to be used over and over, the mats are virtually indestructible and made from high strength polypropylene.
  • Dependable – Works great on RV’s, Car’s, Truck’s, Van’s, and Fleet vehicles.
  • Hassle free – Saves time, money, and headaches and gives you peace of mind while traveling.
  • Money saver – The Portable Tow Truck pays for itself after one use.
  • Works great while camping, mudding, off-roading, and during emergency situations if your car or vehicle gets stuck.
  • Easy to use –  Lightweight and can be used easily and safely by a man or woman.
  • A must have – Just like a spare tire and jack, The Portable Tow Truck should be in every vehicle.

Safety is a must for you and your family right?

Roadside safety and emergencies are so important to be prepared for. Calling for and waiting on friends, family members or a tow truck is a pain and can cost a lot of money. Plus, their is no guarantee you can get in touch with someone to help you when needed. Now, with The Portable Tow Truck in your car at all times you are prepared for emergency roadside emergencies when getting stuck in snow, ice, mud or sand. Check out these great reviews from a independent third party site.


Now it’s your turn to get the best tire traction device…

Don’t delay your familes safety. Visit our WEBSITE and then our BUY NOW page and get best tire traction device on the market today. It pays for itself after one use and saves you time and money while providing safety for your family when needed. Still don’t believe us? If you dont want to take our word on it then take our customers words.



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