Prepare for winter driving with the right snow tire traction aid…

Best snow tire traction aid

You want the right snow tire traction aid for your vehicle don’t you?

If you live in an area that has a typically rough or an extended winter, you know how important a snow tire traction aid is for your vehicle. Choosing the right snow traction mats could make all the difference in the world when you get stuck f you can help yourself or if you may have to call for help and possibly have to pay someone to get you unstuck. In order to help you, we are going to talk about one of the best tire traction aids that you can get, The Portable Tow Truck. Aside from tire traction aids, you should also prepare for winter driving in general according to the National Safety Council.

What is a tire traction aid?

The Portable Tow Truck is an automotive emergency roadside tire traction mats that you keep in your car at all times that helps you get unstuck in snow, ice, mud or sand. Each set contains two tire traction aids that you put under each spinning tire which gives the vehicle extra traction to pull out of a sticky spot. Travel with peace of mind because The Portable Tow Truck is used by the largest fleet companies in the world today and now they are available to you. Check out this VIDEO to see the product in action.

Black Portable Tow Truck

All tire traction aids are not the same…

There are quite a bit of tire chain alternatives available on the market but they are not all the same. Good design and manufacturing goes a long way and The Portable Tow Truck tire traction aid offers a rugged, proven and dependable design to help you get out of a tight spot when needed. Many others don’t offer the proper design to give you maximum grip when you need it most. Design deficiency allows them to sell their product at a much cheaper price which will actually cost you and your family more time and money in the long run. The Portable Tow Truck tire traction aids are also manufactured in the US so their quality is top-notch. As soon as you hold a set in your hands you can see and feel the quality of these tire traction aids.

Can I use them over and over?

Yes, if you get a quality pair of tire traction devices like The Portable Tow Truck you can use them over and over if used properly. It’s important to read the instructions in order to use them correctly and extend the life of the product. As a matter of fact, we have many customers that are still using the same pair that they bought years ago. Check out our LEARN page to understand how to use the product which is very simple. Here is one of our latest customer reviews…

Bill H. – We have a 15,000 lb RV. When we were taking it out of winter storage, it came off the pad and promptly got stuck in the mud. My wife found your product on Amazon and suggested we try it. Since the RV has dual tires on each side, I thought it best that we get two sets so we could put one mat under each of the rear wheels. Attached are a couple of pictures of the mats after we finished today. Not very pretty, but they got the job done. I’ll hit them with the hose and they’ll be fine. To say the least, we were more than pleased. They are now part of the RV emergency kit for the summer, and they’ll be in the back of the cars in the winter.

Truck stuck in the snow

Can anyone use the product?

Yes, the The Portable Tow Truck snow tire traction aid is lightweight and easy to use. Each tire traction device weights about 2.5 lbs. and can be used by any driver of all ages. They also work on all types of vehicles from cars to large commercial vehicles, RV’s and even 18 wheelers.

Benefits of The Portable Tow Truck...

  • Affordable – Much cheaper than paying for a tow truck. They pay for themselves after one use.
  • Reliable – Tested and proven snow chain or tire chain alternative used by the largest parcel delivery companies in the world.
  • Portable – Easily fits in the trunk of your vehicle or behind a seat.
  • Durable – Able to be used over and over, the mats are virtually indestructible and made from high strength polypropylene.
  • Dependable – Works great on RV’s, Car’s, Truck’s, Van’s, and Fleet vehicles.
  • Hassle free – Saves time, money, and headaches and gives you peace of mind while traveling.
  • Money saver – The Portable Tow Truck pays for itself after one use.
  • Works great while camping, mudding, off-roading, and during emergency situations if your car or vehicle gets stuck.
  • Easy to use – Lightweight and can be used easily and safely by a man or woman.
  • A must have – Just like a spare tire and jack, The Portable Tow Truck should be in every vehicle.

Get the right snow tire traction aid, get The Portable Tow Truck!

Now you can prepare and protect you and your family when unexpected roadside emergencies happen from getting your vehicle stuck. Now you can order the best snow tire traction aid for your vehicles. Now you can travel with peace of mind knowing that if you ever get stuck because of snow, ice, mud or sand, you have same product that the largest commercial fleet vehicle companies in the world used to get their vehicles unstuck. Take a good look at our website to lean more about THE PORTABLE TOW TRUCK and see what our customers have to say as well. Also, check out one of our latest VIDEOS. If you have any questions about the product at all please visit our About Us page and give us a call or email as we would like to answer any questions you have about the best snow tire traction aid on the market.

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If you would like to read more from the National Safety Council about preparing for winter driving please click HERE.