Add extra traction to your truck with with little time, effort and money.

Truck pulled off the side of the road

Do you want to add extra traction to your truck when you need it? Do you want to be able to do it with very little effort in the shortest amount of time when needed? What about adding extra traction to your truck with very little money? If you answered yes to any or all of these or have ever just thought about what it would take to add extra traction to your truck, you are in the right place.

Today, we are going to talk about adding extra traction to your truck with the best tire traction mats that you keep in your truck at all times, The Portable Tow Truck.

Oh yeah, we also want to share a secret with you, The Portable Tow Truck works on all vehicles with tires including cars, vans, RV’s and commercial fleet vehicles like box trucks, dump trucks and 18 wheelers.

Add extra traction to your truck: Why do you need extra traction?

We’ve talked about this in depth in many of our blog posts but most people don’t think about vehicle traction until it’s too late for the most the part. Unfortunately, this can cost drivers a lot of time, money and headaches by not being prepared which we’ve also talked about at length in previous blog posts.

According to…

According to a recent study by Automotive News Data Center, the big three pickup manufacturers (Ford, GM, and Ram Trucks) sell an average of 6,500 trucks every day. And that’s not even accounting for the days that dealerships are closed. That’s an even breakdown of units sold divided by 365 days in a year—equating to a figure that’s pretty mind-boggling. That’s 130 trucks sold in every state every day.

When it comes to vehicle traction, trucks need extra traction just as much as other vehicles and many times they need it more because the way trucks and vehicles are used for work and pleasure.

Truck hauling dirt

A third factor, and this is the one that is most common with all vehicles, is the weather. We’ll discuss all three situations’ so you will be better informed and better prepared for the next time you need extra traction for your truck or vehicle.

Add extra traction to your truck: It’s off to work we go…

Trucks rule the transportation, construction and building industries to name a few for good reason. They help move livestock, packages, materials, and supplies etc. from A to B and points in between.

Many working environments call for trucks to be driven on farms, job sites and construction sites which usually are not paved during the early development phases and on permanent non-paved roads to get the job done.

Truck hauling gravel

Based on the these working conditions, trucks, from small to big ones need extra traction at times based on their surroundings.

Add extra traction to your truck: Can’t wait for the weekend…

Another situation where trucks need extra traction, outside of a working environment, is for pleasure seeking off-roading which is a very big pastime in the US. Even 4×4 trucks and equipped off-road vehicles need extra traction at times based on the conditions. These are typically the weekend warriors that like to play with their big boy toys on weekends and holidays.

Off-Roading vehicle

This can also include boaters that need extra traction while pulling their boat out of the water with their truck or vehicle and RV’s (Recreational Vehicles) that can easily get stuck in national parks and camp grounds. Visit our Blog site to read more about each of these if you like.

Boat ramp

Add extra traction to your truck: Man, the weather doesn’t look good…

Truck stuck in the snow

One common factor, whether you are using a truck or any vehicle for work or pleasure and need extra traction, is the weather. The weather can affect the terrain and driving conditions for any vehicle on any driving surface. Snow, ice and rain can make paved roads, job sites, construction sites, fields and unpaved roads very slick, muddy and easy to get on.

Muddy road

Always having extra traction for your truck or vehicle, with you at all times in these situations’ comes in real handy and, can make a bad situations’ much better. It can also help get you back on the road faster to get the job done or enjoy the weekend even more.

Add extra traction to your truck: The Portable Tow Truck

Orange Portable Tow Truck

Now that we have talked about trucks and why they need extra traction, let’s talk about the best way to get that with little time, effort, and money. Plan ahead and get THE PORTABLE TOW TRUCK – THE ULTIMATE TIRE TRACTION MATS for trucks and any vehicle type. Now, with a FEW EASY CLICKS, you can get the ultimate tire traction mats for trucks on the market. The Portable Tow Truck is a proven off-road traction aid used by the largest commercial fleet companies in the world and 1000s of people as well. For very little money, you can have the best traction mats for mud, traction mats for snow, traction mats for ice and traction mats for sand in your truck at all times that pays for itself after one use. Aside from being lightweight and easy to use, The Portable Tow Truck is one size fits all and can be used on small trucks, light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks as well as any vehicle type over and over. To learn more about the product please check out what our customers have to say about us on our REVIEWS page or check out a couple of reviews below…

Check out what Scott T. had to say…” I ordered the orange portable tow truck about a month ago and have already used it once. It worked great. I pull a 10,000 mobile stage behind my 2 wheel drive truck. I was in the wet grass and was able to pull it right out. Great product and will always recommend it. Thank you!

Here is what Bill H. had to say…” We have a 15,000 lb RV. When we were taking it out of winter storage, it came off the pad and promptly got stuck in the mud. My wife found your product on Amazon and suggested we try it. Since the RV has dual tires on each side, I thought it best that we get two sets so we could put one mat under each of the rear wheels. Attached are a couple of pictures of the mats after we finished today. Not very pretty, but they got the job done. I’ll hit them with the hose and they’ll be fine. To say the least, we were more than pleased. They are now part of the RV emergency kit for the summer, and they’ll be in the back of the cars in the winter.

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