Make Your Own Road with the Best Traction Mats for Mud…

Most people that have even heard of tire traction mats for vehicles think of them for snow. What if I told you that snow is only one situation where they are used. Another situation where they are used is mud. Today we are going to talk about traction mats for mud and the best option you have. Today we are going to talk about The Portable Tow Truck: The Best Traction Mats for Mud.

The Portable Tow Truck in Orange

Best Tire Traction Mats for Mud: Why would I ever get stuck in mud?

According to “Roads were made for driving, and cars were made for roads. Over the years people have worked hard to make sure that we have the most pleasant driving experience possible, but sometimes you face that unfortunate situation where your woefully ill-equipped car gets stuck in a puddle of thick mud, some slippery snow, or even a sandy beach.” You can also check out more from them by clicking HERE.


Best Tire Traction Mats for Mud: I’ll just call someone to get me out.

While you can certainly do this, roads that may be dirt or gravel tend to be in rural areas. Many times, these areas don’t have good cell phone reception so calling someone might not always work. Plus, the further out you are the longer it takes for someone to arrive to help you. How long do you want to wait if you do get in touch with someone for help?


Best Tire Traction Mats for Mud: Waiting for a tow truck is not fun.

We’ve all heard the saying time is money correct? Well that is true in most cases. How much time and money do you think you would spend waiting on a tow truck if you get stuck in a muddy or rural area? According to, on average you’ll wait about an hour for a tow truck to arrive and then they have to pull you out and then what if they get stuck. After that or actually usually before, you have to pay them and it’s not cheap. According to Angie’s List, the national average for a towing service is $109.


Best Tire Traction Mats for Mud: A better way for all…

Well as you can tell from this post, there is a better way to handle all of this. That way is to get the best traction mats for mud and save time, money and headaches. You have a spare tire and jack in your car correct? Why wouldn’t you have the best tire traction mats for mud as well to help with unexpected situations like this? Ask yourself, Why wouldn’t I have The Portable Tow Truck? Check out a VIDEO of The Portable Tow Truck in action.

Best Tire Traction Mats for Mud: Time to act…

Now is the time to act before it’s too late. Now is the time to buy The Portable Tow Truck. For very little money you can have the best tire traction mats for mud in your vehicle at all times. They are lightweight and can be used by any driver with any vehicle type over and over. Use the same tire traction mat that the largest fleet companies in the world use to get there fleet vehicles unstuck in mud, snow, ice and sand, use The Portable Tow Truck.

Take a look at our REVIEWS page. This is what Cathy C. had to say about The Portable Tow Truck..

“I was at a weekend RV outing event this past summer. I saw three RV’s, one car, and one truck get stuck due to excessive rain and mud that weekend. A guy had several sets of these with him in his RV and he actually used them on all three RV’s, the car and truck to get unstuck. I was shocked the product worked so well. Based on the price these are a must in my opinion.” 5 out of 5 stars

Finally, please visit our website to learn more about the product and reach out to us if you have any questions about the product at all. Give yourself or your family peace of mind while driving and always remember – Don’t Get Stuck Without The Portable Tow Truck!




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