Winter roadside safety and having the proper tire traction mats…

Winter roadside safety and having the proper tire traction mats are very important to think about and plan ahead for in order to protect you and your family. Many people don’t think about this while driving during the winter months so we will discuss the importance of this in more detail so you can take actions to protect you and your loved ones.

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Winter roadside safety: Why is winter roadside safety and proper tire traction important to plan for?

Most drivers don’t plan for unexpected roadside emergencies. This can be deadly in certain situations especially during the winter months. If you get stuck in the snow or ice or break down while driving during the winter it can turn into a bad situation really fast due to low temps and surroundings. It’s important to understand this before it happens so you can plan accordingly.

Winter roadside safety: Having a cell phone is not always the best defense.

Many people believe that as long as they have a cell phone they are fine while driving. In many rural area’s cell phones don’t always work and what if your cell battery dies along with your car battery. The best practice is to always plan ahead. I’ll discuss how to plan ahead next.

Winter roadside safety: Always have safety items in the car at all times.

One of the best things you can do is always have a car safety kit in your car at all times. Also, keep blankets and extra water in your car at all times as well. Other item’s that should be in your car at all times include jumper cables, tire traction mats, portable tire inflators and portable car battery charger. By having these in your car at all times you can really be prepared and save a lot time and money when the unexpected happens.


Winter roadside safety: Inform friends/family when driving long distances.

If you are traveling long distances keep friends and family updated on your location regularly. Let them know you’ll check in every hour (or less) while driving so if something does happen they will have a better general idea of where you were last if we don’t check in.

Winter roadside safety: Travel confidently…

A little effort in preparing for unexpected winter roadside safety can go a long way. Always keep a car safety kit and tire traction mats in your car at all times. Don’t always expect that you are always a phone call away from help. When traveling long distances, always keep a dedicated friend or family member informed of your location in something does happen while driving.

Always remember to keep your car maintenance maintained as well…

According to, “AAA reminds motorists that cars need seasonal checkups to maintain safety and maximize operational efficiency. Regular maintenance and seasonal checkups can also help prevent unexpected repair costs in the future.”

Winter roadside safety: The Portable Tow Truck

The Portable Tow Truck in Black

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